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About Me

Hi, I'm Brandon Sparks and welcome to my page. I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Forensic Psychology at Kingston University. I earned my PhD in Psychology at the University of Saskatchewan where I also earned my MA in Applied Social Psychology. I have an interest in all areas related to criminal justice, but much of my work has focused on sexual offenses, such as intimate partner sexual violence, perceptions of sexual offenders, and image-based sexual abuse. Some of my most recent work has focused on incels. I am also keen on community-based work, having completed a large-scale governmental project on the prevention of child sexual abuse. In addition to holding a number of administrative roles, I have also been a member of the Association for the Treatment & Prevention of Sexual Abuse's (ATSA) Public Policy Committee since 2018 and recently began working with the Society for the Teaching of Psychology on market-ready majors.

  Research Domains
Domain #1: Involuntary Celibates (Incels)
Domain #2: Technology-Facilitated Sexual Violence
Domain #3: Effective Pedagogy
Minor domains: Attitudinal research, infant homicide, romantic relationships, trust in police

Please check out my CV here: 

Curriculum Vitae

Hobbies & Interests

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In my spare time, I enjoy working with my hands.

One of my more ambitious projects was to install heated seats in my car. This certainly helped me survive the brutal Saskatchewan winters during my graduate studies.

In 2018, I fulfilled my dream of converting an old television into something a bit more practical, a bookshelf! 

Most recently, I built my wife a birdhouse. It has yet to host any birds as we live in a 3rd floor flat.

My wife and I also enjoy gardening, a tasty break from academia.

Now living in the UK, I also enjoy taking in all of the historic sites and am a member of Historic Royal Palaces, allowing me to visit Hampton Court with growing regularity.

About Me
Hobbies & Interests
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